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These participants were provided with and acknowledged receipt of a consent form before survey completion, with an additional opportunity to ask questions about the study. Data Collection The telephone interviews were conducted by J. The Commonwealth Fund; Summary points While research has investigated doctors' attitudes towards homosexual and bisexual patients, relatively little attention has been paid to gay, lesbian, and bisexual doctors. Reprints can be ordered at http:

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The Healthcare Equality Index included 27 of 69 study participants and 14 of 69 nonparticipating faculty practices.

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50 Questions Doctors Ask Instead of Just Asking If I’m Gay

Support services for gay, lesbian, and bisexual medical students and residents, while not ubiquitous, seem to be growing. J Gay Lesbian Med Assoc. These centers provide LGBT-competency training for physicians and other health care providers affiliated with academic institutions and some have developed nationally recognized resources regarding health care for LGBT individuals. Medical student attitudes on homosexuality and implications for health care. A survey of its membership by the American Association of Physicians for Human Rights—since renamed the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association—attempted to quantify and document instances of anti- homosexual discrimination in medicine. Have you ever angered a gypsy enough to warrant a curse?

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Join a gay, lesbian, and bisexual email list, such as glb-medical. The effects of unequal access to health insurance for same-sex couples in California. In the regression analyses, when we controlled for region, type of funding, and the existence of an LGBT health center in the same state, we found that none of these characteristics were independently associated with having a procedure in place to identify LGBT-competent physicians. More information is known about LGBT training for medical students and resident physicians than for faculty physicians. How the topic of homosexuality is taught at US medical schools.

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