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It was a secluded sunny spot, surrounded by high trees at the back and dense undergrowth all round. He cried out and I felt hot gushes of come filled my insides. His cock slid out and I turned round. This guy should not have been wearing shorts as tight as those! I had a second look.

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Have a good day.

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He was huge, probably over 10 inches and extremely fat. He looked about 27 or 28 and had a superb body which was clearly outlined through his tight, basically red, expensive sexy cycling gear. I had been fucked by a few cocks before but nothing like this cock. I do this for a hobby. I just wanted more. Allow us to process your personal data?

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Went for a bike ride down a local trail with these assless spandex chaps. This guy was something else. Allow us to process your personal data? He had those thick muscular thighs that come with constant bike riding. Had that really been inside me?

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