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The stench at first revolts me and I try to buck him off of me, but after a few whiffs of his fart, I start to like it. He was bigger and stronger. He snickers as he wafts the stench coming from his ass, towards me. He then smirks back at me over his shoulder. He farted once more, but this one was more loud, it was still just as gross. You leave all that pesky thinking to me. We both started working at this multi-billion dollar corporation last year and in 3 months he became CFO.

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I yelled into his ass to let me go, but my muffled screams did nothing to help me.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He was blushing like a tomato and started to get off when his butt brushed against your hard on. It was extremely tight on him. What was her name? It was just so awkward for me. I hear him take a deep breath and grunt.

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Brian stood up, from kneeling at my side and climbed onto the bed. He takes a step back, and I find my face firmly pressed against his huge ass and my nose nestled in between his bulbous ass cheeks. We should be heading out to a bar and celebrating that, that she-devil is out of your life. You started kissing each other like crazy. Connor takes a step forward and starts wafting the stench into my face while letting out a sigh.

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