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Kurt has received mainly positive reviews from television critics. He then returns to Lima in " The Quarterback " for his stepbrother Finn's funeral and subsequent memorial, and he grieves with his parents and friends. The 3D Concert Movie. I know I'm definitely not the best singer, but I think the message, the story behind the song about defying limits and borders placed by others, hopefully all that gets across with the performance. He donated signed copies of his books to the fundraiser. Retrieved May 26, Colfer has won several awards for his portrayal of Kurt.

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The film will be directed by Joe Stephenson.

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Chris Colfer

Nobody Nose the Trouble I've Seen". He shares the red carpet with gay men twice his age who never in their award-stuffed careers dared to come out. Most enjoyable, however, was a tenderness Kurt added to the song that I don't think could have been duplicated by any other member of this ensemble. Retrieved December 16, Chris Colfer has created a fun character, more three-dimensional than I've probably made him out to be. Views Read Edit View history. There have been a couple of times when I have gone to Ryan Murphy and told him a couple of things that have happened to me, and then he writes it into the show.

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When Kurt returns, he finds that Blaine is in a relationship with Karofsky. Retrieved May 26, After Burt learns about Karofsky's threat to his son, Karofsky is expelled. Retrieved July 24, When I filter out all but gay men, I find that the most cherished character is actually Santana, a bitchy, sexually confused former cheerleader, who constantly reiterates her discomfort with being labeled. Devised by Ryan Murphy, a gay writer in his forties, "Kurt" comes from The Sound of Music's wide-eyed jailbait Kurt Von Trapp, while "Hummel" pays homage to a freakish rosy-cheeked line of youthful figurines that were popular in Nazi Germany. He's a tough guy in designer clothes.

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