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Changes in methamphetamine use, other substance use, injecting drug use practices and psychosocial functioning between treatment commencement and 4 and 8 counseling sessions were analyzed using generalized estimating equation GEE models. While meth and heroin are often combined, the most popular speedball cocktails in the gay community include meth and GHB or Viagra. However, we found no differences at treatment entry between participants who did and did not complete a follow-up interview in terms of methamphetamine use, methamphetamine dependence and psychosocial wellbeing. Crystal meth, the internet and dangerous choices about AIDS. Gay News Network [Internet].

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International Journal of Drug Policy.

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Methamphetamine initiation among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men

In another study, Halkitis and Shrem found that gay and bisexual men who used methamphetamine beyond just weekend binges were more likely to report using methamphetamine to avoid dealing with unpleasant emotions, to avoid physical pain, and to engage in pleasant times with others. Less education was also associated with injecting methamphetamine OR. For example, if someone is using methamphetamine to enhance sexual pleasure, a clinician may want to discuss the negative sexual side effects associated with methamphetamine use, such as erectile dysfunction. Associations between crystal methamphetamine use and potentially unsafe sexual activity among gay men in Australia. International policies to reduce illicit drug-related harm and illicit drug use.

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Logarithmic transformations were used on the methamphetamine-initiation factors to correct for skewness and kurtosis. Working to increase healthier methods of coping and increased social support could be an important element in addressing reduction or cessation of methamphetamine. Please review our privacy policy. Aust N Z J Psychiatry. An exploratory study of contextual and situational factors related to methamphetamine use among gay and bisexual men in New York City.

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