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After all, they appeared to have all possible reason to imagine that I was as susceptible to the sins of the flesh every other young adolescent male of my age. In addition my father was unable to work on his return home and dependent upon my mother to dress him and help perform all the personal tasks that the healthy take so much for granted. While many do undertake the biblical commandment that they should go out and preach to others, I think their courage, perseverance and continual good humour in the face of hostility, abuse or, at the very least, a series of closed doors, are much to be admired. When she was seventeen she decided to leave home and become a pioneer. These ran weekly as full page ads in the Times Educational Supplement and inevitably I soon received a writ but they only thing they could achieve was to get us to remove their trademark from the ads. I was rejected by the Clarke Institute now CAMH in the mid s, probably because I do not match either of their stereotypes, but was accepted by Russel Reid on our first meeting in lateand had surgery from James Dalrymple some months later.

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Naturally, this resulted in my becoming somewhat isolated and alienated from many of them.

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Having asked Marylin to think carefully about what I had chosen to do, she came back with the suggestion that I wait for two months. I thing that was possibly the first time that what I was about to do really hit her. Initially I was very wary, but as we talked I began to realize that, since he was being so forthright and frank with me, the least I could do was return the compliment. In time I grew used to the constant meetings and even to the way in which our religion encroached on every aspect of our life.

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An hour later, having sat through my entire story without uttering a single word or trying to interrupt once, just doing good imitation of a goldfish he was at a complete loss for words.

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