Teachers and gays

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Add a New Topic. Should they become outcasts and shunned out because of their sexual orientation? And I will pull them out if they keep the job! Humans just are not created to function this way, why would it ever have to be accepted as the norm? Should students wear uniforms in public schools? Its cruel to stop people from living their lives just based on who they like, and it bugs me that that could even be an option.

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That also doesn't indicate they are going to try to be more than pals with someone that is of the same sex simply because of that fact ergo firing a teacher on account of their gender preference in a mate is discrimination and is under the law ILLEGAL.

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'Your entire career can be derailed': For gay teachers, coming out remains risky

They will be poisoning the minds of our children! During WW2, Governments on all sides, made murders and rapists out of common citizens. Teachers should not be fired for being gay, because sexual orientation should be a non-issue. Board of Education of Oklahoma City v. Justice Kennedy, who issued critical opinions in the landmark gay rights cases, Lawrence v. Because certain aspects of the teaching profession distinguish it from other types of public employment such as government work and military service, teachers have been especially vulnerable to homophobic persecution.

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Should kids be allowed to have phones at school? And I will pull them out if they keep the job! Old to New Likes: Even as legal prohibitions against same sex marriage have fallen throughout the country, discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender LGBT teachers persists. And plus, how do you know that the teacher is not teaching the kids to be gay and flirting with them?! Just because it was fashionable at the time, it doesn't negate the fact that "War is crime".

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