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Aside from being introduced as the token gay, Terry has almost no lines in the film. One of the perks of directing your own movie is that you get to give yourself all the best close-ups. Since we clearly have a separation of church and state, how could a conversation about laws have anything to do with religion at all? Half-price burger special at Moyo Eden on The Bay — psst … it comes with All rights strictly reserved [ - ]. Princess Pop Inspired by 90s pop idols Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, Princess Pop has been performing for four years and prides herself on being one of the few drag performers who delivers live vocals during shows.

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PicPads, where a pack of pads gets you a professional photo.

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The shot shows off his casually ripped abs. Lord Basil on September 23, at Julie in Eugene on September 22, at 2: Top food photos for hungry foodies! It's about a commitment. The idea is to comfort LGBT teens who may be contemplating suicide because of bullying or isolation.

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Another deluded Saturday night Drag Queen. I'm writing about basic civil rights. You can sign in here or create an account here. Because of my unique situation, I can tell you that being gay is not a choice. Stiny on September 22, at 7: Dates with a difference. Are there a lot of gays writing for sitcoms?

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