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There were about three guys that were shooting what they called beefcake. Jesse Ortega Super Reviewer. I had to break them up. I just started going back to school and one day I was walking on Market Street. Awkwardly, this transition is accomplished through the use of a smoke machine which gets silly quite fast.

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A Few Good Men

I think Chuck was a major part in getting the industry to that point. No one knew where they were going to shoot that day until they were going there. The sex is in his typical down 'n' dirty style, with serviced performers not always reciprocating the bestowed favor. In between shots at the evening, Jim would shoot a little hardcore. And I used to shoplift them because I was too afraid of buying them.

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And if you had a gay cop, then he liked it — so he didn't bust it. Something tells me he didn't believe in the script either quite frankly. We wanted to be queer, and we wanted to take a lot of drugs and party and listen to really good music… And porn was part of that. They try to convince you otherwise, but you know what's really going down. I think Chuck was a major part in getting the industry to that point. You know sex sells. He was the original pioneer.

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