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I wanted to caress his bulge so much, feel it and hold it in my mouth. I wondered if he was going to use the glory hole again. Chapter Three Every Saturday night dad liked to have some of his buddies over to watch the game on television. He came in wearing white regular briefs. He moved his pelvis in slow circles before rising to start again. He usually had 3 to 4 guys come over and hang out, drink a few beers and watch a game together.

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He had fixed his special place to be cozy.

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To look at him is a sweet slow torture. This is purely a work of fiction. As I am finally ready to release a powerful stream of piss his I feel his arm around my shoulder, I open my eyes and gasp:

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He loved to hang out in his white briefs the ones with the big slit on the side a used t-shirt that came down to his waistband which meant you could easily see his manly bulge.