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Heading west, we passed Hudson and Seward and then suddenly, a long stretch of construction fence with nothing behind it. Bar patrons took pictures of the pictures, and pictures of themselves with the pictures. The police caught on, however, and warned the nuisance callers to cool it. Despite their efforts, a few local residents had little better to do and routinely phoned in bogus complaints to the police. Categories Tastemakers and Earthshakers.

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The bar drew a local Mexican-American clientele, a smattering of self-identifying gay men and women, trans women and drag queens, and heterosexuals having a fling with someone not their significant other.

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He introduced himself and told me that I had brought a piece of home to him. As I write this, I recall something that I must address. Just the other night, I joined a gay male friend and his lesbian colleague at Hooters.

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Yes, Hooters.

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