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I also love a good listicle. This tattoo of pride portrays the idea of being both and not being afraid to let others know that gender is unimportant to the wearer, but being comfortable in their own skin is a top priority. A post shared by Stained Glass Temples stainedglasstemples on Jan 31, at 6: Designed in the style of a big, gay cat scratch, I'm personally a bit partial to this one because, well, it's mine. Now that we've seen the rainbow bat symbol, we never want to see it any other way.

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This wonderfully colorful forearm tattoo belongs to Nic Rodrigues.

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29 Tattoos to Show Your Pride

Hearts, music, and rainbows. This tattoo got all the important things in life covered. Also, that's some masterful coloration going on. This wonderfully colorful forearm tattoo belongs to Nic Rodrigues. A post shared by Mia Claravall-Reyes mialocatattoo on Jun 19, at A post shared by Bronte Evans brontealicee on Jan 17, at 7:

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The labrys, or double-bladed battle axe, is associated with ancient matriarchal societies, the Amazons and the Greek goddess Demeter. The NOH8 campaign has gone a long way to spread peace, love, and acceptance throughout the world. Some people cut themselves as a way to relieve the pressure and stressed of life, so this could be a way to show that by coming out, they have surpassed the pain and stress that comes with being closeted and are finally able to live for themselves. Sorry for the bloody yellow. Their heartbeat may have ended to soon, but it'll live on in me and everyone they knew. Thanks a bunch, safe travels.

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