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Harry immediately covered himself with his hands and backed into the corner. Snape grabbed the other side of the table with his hands, his body pressing hard against Harry's legs. Only one word, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have been killed. Ron's eyes lit up. After a while though, it made sense. Slowly, Harry leaned in and gave Snape a sweet kiss, all the while his heart pumping wildly. His straight laced, mean, grumpy Potions Professor was in a gay nightclub, wearing jeans and a t-shirt and dancing provocatively with a guy of about twenty five.

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Expecting a scowl, or a smirk, Harry was surprised to see an amused smile instead.

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I'm going to make you cum" Snape whispered into his ear as he withdrew his hand. Chapter List 1-Saviour-Boy 2-Pussy-boy. Dumbledore continued down and began sucking on Draco's pink, erect nipples, making him produce his loudest moan yet. Harry actually blamed Dobby for this and his tower of small hats and other clothes that Hermione had made for him. His neck and chest were covered in the sticky mess when he stood to kiss Harry. But it was so frustrating! Harry felt his cheeks reddening once again as Snape looked him up and down, all the while still dancing.

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Harry let himself be guided onto the dance floor. Only one word, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have been killed. Harry didn't dare broach the subject, so instead… "You've got a nice flat. I will just talk to him, say thank you. It was nothing more than a slight upturn of his lip and a sparkle in his eyes, but still a change from his usual impassiveness.

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