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I forgot that it was me that was gonna try and rape you and when I typed your name it came out that way. I don't think I've laughed SO hard. Thanks x 4 LOL! That bish came after me behind a comment I left her that was no shade and just a simple observation and does nothing but drag my name into shyt I have nothing to do with just because of that. Actor Comedian Film producer Singer.

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I think Choc is living out her life because she got married young.?

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I Never Knew Maino & Khalil Kain Were Brothers, It's Evident Now

November 22 I don't have the time to read all of the posts before mine but in case no one cut and pasted this from Merwin's facebook page, he said: I'm so lost and slow Where did it say he was gay? DB yes she was asking for it and yall went IN I was mad when you got banned but glad when you came back.

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Well umm, I went to the FB page and I saw none of this. OK so after this blew up on several blogs as a fight between two scorned lovers, Merwin updated his facebook to say that neither he, nor Khalil, are gay. Wow talk about calling somebody OUT!!! Blogs Home Page All Blogs. April 06 If so, she never talked about a third child when I would talk to her??? They also share two children, one daughter and one son.

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