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Yes I am gay in my late forties and I am tired of looking around as I want to seek a serious man to share my life together. Only they can take steps to change. You will see that many mantas end with Namaha and that I state that you need to use Swaha if over Using mantra to bring positive change into your life Monday, May 31, I hope you find this helpful.

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Help me to help him pls.

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Can I still chant the mantras on those days? I need a mantra to make a cousin return all the money to me that he stole from my aunt before she died. I would really get my items back. Help me to help him pls. When a woman is seeking an ideal life partner male use: Using mantra to bring positive change into your life Monday, December 21, 8:

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Hi, I am at a very bad position in my life, i dont have a careerI am 26, and I am in a long distance relation but the communication gap seems to be coming in I am just starting to break. Thanks for the mantras, i have the book healing mantras bt it bothers me coz the mantras usually invoke certain deities and since i dun do devotion or pray to them, can i still use those mantras? If you have trust on mantra's and it's related GOD you will always get positive result. Using mantra to bring positive change into your life Saturday, April 04, I am preparing for promotion please give me some mantra for chant so that i can come up with flying colours in my forthcoming interview and get promotion. My email id is:

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