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A mix of what's trending on our other sites. In his response, Miller discloses that he was suicidal at the time, having struggled with mental health challenges throughout his life. This morning on Twitter, I saw a story detailing Miller's response to a fat-shaming blog post comparing side-by-side photos of Miller shirtless in his "Prison Break" heyday and then in at his heaviest, burdened by the evident weight of depression. On the other hand, all of us or at least those of us of a certain age understand how difficult it is to be honest about who we are when society overall condemns our natures, and the courage it takes to go against a culture has to be amplified exponentially for someone whose private life is fodder for tabloids. Speaking of her sexual orientation, she says: A central part of that speech deals with community:

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The actor has however become the target of speculation as he keeps a very low profile and declines to speak about his personal life publicly.

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Wentworth Miller makes first visit to Japan to promote season 4 of 'Prison Break'

Perez Hilton and similar blog bullies posted photos of Miller strolling and riding in cars with gay actor Luke MacFarlane who had a starring role as a gay character on ABC's "Brothers and Sisters". I watch it every week, but am hoping for some conclusion in the near future! Off screen, however, she is married to activist Christine Marinoni. Tokyo city jail midnight tuesday Experience the Authentic Tokyo Taito City. Surely that's what acting is.

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We have to do better as a community. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Use your Facebook account to login or register with JapanToday. Do we, as audiences, find it difficult to accept gay actors playing straight roles? Miller, star of Prison Break, the never ending story. I watch it every week, but am hoping for some conclusion in the near future! Miller's sexuality had been private for a long time, although rumours swirled, and gossip blogger Perez Hilton apparently made it his mission to out the star.

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