Transsexuals in prison

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More on this story. Beyond Prisons: Remember - those transgender inmates only include people who have had a prison case conference. I was sent to Lew Sterrett to serve my time. Many transgender prisoners need resources and support, and much work remains to be done. Another important policy states that members of the transgender community will be referred to by their chosen name, even if it has not legally been changed, both when spoken to and on their identifications bracelets.

transsexuals in prison
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The other guy actually, his mind was gone.

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By Naveen Kumar. Trans prisoners on shorter sentences - who won't be in the survey - are less likely to be sex offenders. Routinely, however, that violence and abuse comes from the very authorities entrusted with their safety.

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These organizations address the various needs surrounding specific issues that LGBT persons in the prison system face.

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