Amsterdam cruising gay vondelpark allowed 2008

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Wild fucking is definitely preferable to wild pissing. Or on top of, or underneath. All over Europe, peeping toms are charging their camera batteries. They just aren't working it hard enough. Cops have better things to do then be at the beck and call of prudes. Many of them camped out overnight, a practice that was soon made illegal.

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Otherwise you are causing offense, in which case the police will get involved.

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It's outrageous that we will be punished from now on but public sex won't. Haven't you read Guideline regarding the use of trees as handholds? But if it does, and if fear of prosecution is keeping the victims from coming forwards, then actually this could have made a practical difference. Or on top of, or underneath. Not even box turtles?

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Right now, if you get attacked while cruising, you can't go to the police without confessing to a crime. During the seventies the Vondelpark was a prime hangout for hippies. I don't know if Amsterdam's got a big gay-bashing problem. March 14, BlogParksVondelpark. I'd love to hear what Rita Verdonk thinks of this.