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A man whose life was defined by the murder of innocents and political rejection, both at the expense of his own people, is hardly the sort of figure who ought be the subject of nationalist hagiography. After performing a second series of measurements the scientists discovered that a majority of the high levels of polonium from the stains were unsupported by the presence of radioactive lead, which meant they had originated in a nuclear reactor. Only One of Them Should. On 11 Septemberthe Israeli security Cabinet decided to "remove" Arafat. He said "Israel as a state, is a country that has access to Polonium, had the capability to assassinate the late leader, and expressed clear interest in getting rid of him".

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Dr Kurdi died and the email has never been seen.

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Myth buster: Killing Arafat

A French, a Swiss and a Russian team have independently investigated the samples. According to Al Jazeera's source, "Russia's goal was to fulfill the Palestinian Authority's request, not offend Israel by helping the PA, and not create a new hotbed in the Middle East". Suha Arafat stated that the bag was kept in safely custody for the past eight years, primarily with her lawyer and in a safe room on the fourth floor of a building in Paris. Related Stories Suha Arafat: This is regretful and indicative of the glaring problems in Palestinian society. In Octoberan official press release from the Institut de Radiophysique, where those items were analyzed, had stated that:.

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Only One of Them Should. There was HIV in his blood, but poison killed him". On 31 JulySuha Arafat and her daughter Zawra lodged a murder complaint in the Paris western suburb of Nanterre. But let them investigate. In the popular Palestinian narrative, the menacing Jews poisoned Arafat, just like they poison Palestinian drinking wells or use Muslim blood to bake their bread. Retrieved 21 July The New York Times.

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