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Nipple Clamps There are dozens of different companies that make nipple clamps. Try the Collins Speculum from Kink Industries. Metal Cock Ring Give one to your special guy. Vibrating Metal Butt Bullets You have surely seen these in sex shops where they can be found for pretty cheap. He gripped my shoulders and whispered reasuringly to me. It attaches to the wall, so you can get some Crisco and some poppers and slowly back up onto it, or pop it on top of the toilet seat and try to sit.

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Parachute Ball Stretcher Parachute ball stretchers are for guys into CBT cock and ball torture and ball stretching, which is the kink practice of stretching the scrotal sac with weights and other devices to make the testicles hang lower.

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I blushed as red as my hair. The Vixen six ball chain gang, available from Mr. You do not have to do BDSM or any other kinky practice to enjoy getting gagged with duct tape — it will enhance vanilla sex and bring your orgasms to a new level. Vibrating cock rings can be found at any novelty store or online, and are typically made of soft, rubbery latex or something similar, and have a battery capsule that charges a soft vibration at the base of the penis, close to the prostate — perfect for getting tops revved up. I stared at their slack penises. Oxballs Goose Head Dildo This was actually one of my more recent purchases.

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Inflatable Dildos Inflatable dildos are for the more adventurous anal enthusiast. I was a weedy little guy, the runt of the litter. I felt myself being tackled. I didn't see that at first because my eyes went straight to the three men who were lounging in the small room. Give one to your special guy. I started college a few months after Grindr hit the app store. Story Tags Portal speculum.

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