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He jumped a bit when I laid my head on his lap but he didn't say anything about it. Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. I knew I wanted him to fuck me but I had never been fucked and my dads cock would hurt. Then i crawled into bed. Dad then pulled the covers over both of our naked bodies.

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I would go to school during the day and work some nights and then come home to my own place and do my own thing.

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A father and his son

I felt each shot of cum hit the back of my ass hole. Dad My First Lover Pt. He moved closer to me on the bed and soon I could feel something poking at my ass hole. While the Cats Are Away My dad had never talked about gay sex or anything like that to me, and I never thought he would actually be turned on at the fact of his son. It hurt so badly, his big cock stretching out my tight ass, but it was totally worth it. I backed off a bit and began rubbing his thigh again.

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We loaded up the car and headed home together from the airport. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. He was beginning to moan through our kisses and he stopped kissing me. He probed my hole with his finger, rubbing the outside of it ever so lovingly while i moaned again and again. I was on my 6th beer and my dad was on his 8th. You always make me happy when I see you, you are very attractive, and we are very close so I would feel comfortable doing stuff with you.

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