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One of those stories was about Melaka Fray from Fray. Views Read Change Change source View history. I have never been angrier. I understand why, because we've all got to put food on the table and the brass ring is out there, we'd all like to be making the Emmy-winning shows and the blockbusters and all that, but at the same time you could be doing stuff yourself. For his part, Whedon credits his mother, Lee Stearns, as the inspiration for his feminist worldview. The Browncoats arranged several events in order to keep the franchise afloat, notably "Serenity Day" on June 23,during which fans were encouraged to buy copies of Firefly and Serenity DVDs.

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Actually, I'm--no offense--very tired of being labeled as "the guy who kills people".

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I think a lot of really talented people either sort of get crushed under the wheel of the movie studio system or desperately try and get their next gig in TV. More so, you are saying that you recognized someone like you. We think it might not be good, but we have it and we love it". The A.

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He and Colossus even dated for a time.

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