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I flick my tongue against the sensitive head and he screams. She is gorgeous Steve - she really is. You're trying to kill me, aren't you? It's not something I'm interested in trying, I'm just watching to see what kind of reaction I can get out of Riley. He smiles shyly and walks over, dropping his towel on the way. A beautiful young woman greeted him - just a few years older than him. The effect is immediate, thick streams of cum flying out of his cock and hitting his chest, his neck, his chin.

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It took a while, but eventually he got his erection to subside.

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Straight Boy Cum Control Steve : Parts 14

He arches his back, pushing his ass up, silently begging for more, and I ignore it. As far as being attracted to anything but straight sex - Steve was still incurably straight even though his body responded otherwise. After 2 hours, Steve was made to cum perhaps 8 or 9 times - maybe more While his slumped body was still tied, his dick hanging through the glory hole, Ben, Tom and I slowly dressed the boy after toweling him down quickly. The cute girl rings up the plug and I stop her to add a small bottle of lube before she runs my credit card. I peek around the corner and try not to laugh at the sight of him, his pants around his knees and his cock hard and leaking. He laughs as I push him onto his back, but struggles a little when I straddle his chest, facing away from him.

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It will really heighten the sensual feeling. When I hear the water stop I run up to our bedroom and retrieve the cock ring I purchased on my lunch break today, along with a bottle of lube. In bed he's bossy, demanding, and sexy as hell. But the line of guys - old, fat, young, grew longer when they saw Steve's handsome face and tied up body, they went crazy and nearly fought each other to suck him off, or to tongue his ass crack, lick his back and other parts of his body that they could reach. I shrug my shoulders and leave the flogger on its hook, moving to another aisle.

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