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Sall Faith, Psychology and Christian Maturity. Why can a person not be a Christian and a homosexual? People are gay because they choose to be--not because they can't help it. Maybe the Holy Spirit that lives within the Christian makes one seek to live more in accordance with the Word of God. This pastor remained with him up to the doors of Heaven, and would not allow anyone else to commit him to God's hands when the Lord came to take him home. Leggi anche. There are destructive physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of homosexual behavior.

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In the same way I would give account to God for living in adultery, so the Bible says one day homosexuals will pay the penalty for the error of their ways.

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Demons in a Christian's life can be no more than "tenants" or invaders that must be confronted and cast out. Rogers, S. Contact us.

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Christian Approaches.

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