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For example, the Federal Circuit recently held that arguments relating to the sufficiency of evidence are the subjects of motions for summary judgment or judgment as a matter of law, not motions in limine. What, then, causes a person to experience such "dysphoria? What the Research Shows about Homosexuality and author of Outrage: Transgender people are more likely than the general public to engage in high-risk behaviors, which may result from or contribute to psychological disorders or both. Jon Meyer, M. Gender reassignment surgery often does not achieve what patients hope for.

transgender motion in limine
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True hermaphrodites -- those in whom sexual anatomy is ambiguous or clearly conflicts with their chromosomal make-up -- are rare, estimated by one expert as "occurring in fewer than 2 out of every 10, live births.

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In the vast majority of people including those who later identify as "transgender"it is unambiguously identifiable at birth. But I don't accept the fact that someone's desire to be a woman, or a man, makes one a woman or man. Welding, Inc. Part I addresses the psychological and medical issues involved; Part II will address the public policy issues.

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No one can change his or her sex.

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