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When Rawls is promoted to Deputy Commissioner, he is put in charge of the weekly ComStat meetings, a platform which he uses to bully and berate the commanders under his authority. He allows Burrell's plan to go ahead and, when it is leaked to the press, Burrell falls out of Royce's favor. Mourners exited through the church's main door rather than an available side exit, a demonstration of a new willingness to be identified on camera. Both died in the fire, their remains showing them clinging to each other. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is a 'no-nonsense' leader who obstinately refuses to allow anything that might harm his career, regardless of benefit to the department.

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Carter then led a jazz funeral procession to the building on the corner of Chartres and Iberville Streets, the site of the club, and members of the local MCC laid a memorial plaque and wreaths.

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His careerism and deft political manoeuvring are generally portrayed as detrimental to the department and the work of officers under his command; seen, for example, in his regular attempts to offload difficult case-work to other divisions or departments, or shut down investigations in order to keep 'stats' down. Carcetti is elected mayor and begins trying to make the department more productive. While Rawls berates several shift commanders over the season, he commends others like Daniels on a number of occasions as the type of commander he sees as both dedicated and competent. Nunez was diagnosed with " conversion hysteria " in and visited numerous psychiatric clinics. Looking to replace Burrell, Royce asks Rawls if he is ready to take command in the wake of Burrell's mistake, through telling Rawls that if he fixes this situation, Royce will keep his actions on hand. Use mdy dates from June Coordinates on Wikidata. List of nightclub fires.

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The others were accidentally locked inside the second-floor club, [9] some attempting to escape by squeezing through barred windows. He says this has occurred up the chain of command as well as in the academy and the early promotions have put inexperienced officers who are more trained to handle statistical values than they are to set out good policing strategies in command positions. At the time of the evening fire, some 60 people were listening to pianist David Gary perform and discussing an upcoming MCC fundraiser for the local Crippled Children's Hospital. The official investigation failed to yield any convictions. Perry Lane Waters, Jr. He was released from a treatment facility in the year before the fire. Mourners exited through the church's main door rather than an available side exit, a demonstration of a new willingness to be identified on camera.

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