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I will first briefly introduce two examples of "affective responses" to boy band culture by punk rock bands and high school boys to afterwards engage in a more detailed discussion of drag king performances which explicitly refer to boy band culture. Journal devoted to analyze the relationships between music and the societies from which it evolves Publisher: Have boys finally "grown up" and become men? Transposition Musique et sciences sociales Briefly: This was not, however, a case of real life imitating a commercial, of fans simply playing out the roles that the video had preordained for them. Each Take That member shares a microphone with his Fake That partner.

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The desire such practices negotiate is alternately hetero- homo- and autoerotic; they are also highly dynamic, liable to shift in response to the performance.

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Routledge, I will also admit that I did graduate to blowjobs. The Political Economy of Music. For example, while they appropriate the harmonic singing style and melodic hooks of such groups, lyrically the Backstreet Boys avoid overt sexual reference, instead imbuing mild sexual come-on with ambiguity e.

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