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The Realtor and me. Many gay men, particularly first time bottoms, seek out guidance on the Internet regarding these issues. Remember, you only need to clean a few inches, not your entire gut. That means there shouldn't be any stool where the top's dick is going, unless your top is hung like Jon Hamm times Justin Theroux. Stuffing tampons. Julie, Joey and I. Both doctors said that any butt should be ready to rumble with a moment's notice.

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Certain foods take longer to digest than others.

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How to bottom for the first time for gay men. If you have time, make sure you read the following post on how to wipe your butt for men. Oliver and Joe - DoctorTwink. Rubber Way-Out Enema Doktorr 1.

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Obviously, special care needs to be used when cleaning your anus out for play.

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