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Bullies, talk about death and depressing posts, attention seekers, trash talking, judgmental people, etc. Neither one noticing that their hair was slowly turning red, or the small lump forming at the base of their spines. Martha gasped as he looked over at Shawn and saw his growing muzzle, golden fur crawling over his face as he looked back at his mother in horror, seeing her thin night gown straining to contain her muscular form. P Fox form Name: Unable to load more. Joseph the deer furry.

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I love meeting new people and hope to make some new friends on here!

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Alex Dugie Sanadar Moderator. You all are lovely and I hope you have a wonderful day! Joseph the deer furry. Mufasa woke his son up just as the sun was preparing to rise and took him to a secluded glade. Wait while more posts are being loaded. For more from this artist, please check out their FurAffinity page at https: Making new friends, chatting, walking in the park, video games, art, artwork, social media, roleplaying, intelligent people, animals, etc.

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With Mufasa now still alive, the movie proceeded to show how Simba would have grown up if he had still grown up in Pride Rock, however by his teenage years the movie began to take another turn for the bizarre. Translate Show original text. Alex Dugie Sanadar Moderator. His eyes are Magenta and he has large floof Dragon wings. Simba and Mufasa belong to Disney. Kyzrix the Sergal The Fabulous Fascist: Shawn sighed and sat down on the couch next to his mother, who was already in her nightgown with a bowl of popcorn on the table in front of her, who smiled and started the movie.

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