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Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sulivan are not gay. Leave the guy alone because I don't know how you could've found all of this out but it might not be true but then again it might be but that's no reason to make a big deal out of it! What's so bad about being gay? Until I finally realized this: I dont think justin and jason are gayI as a serebro hermaphrodte the only one of my kind.

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No, the kid tha played Dewy is the gay one.

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Justin Berfield - Reese from Malcolm in the Middle

I heard he was gay from my friend Lance. Who cares if a celebrity is gay or pansexual or whatever shit you dickheads care about!? What you fuckers need to understand is that no one needs so much publicity over a small thing like who've they had sex with, if their pansexual or gay, and which other celebrity they're dating! Hi, Justin Berfield isnt gay, hes too perfect to be Not much better than a beautiful mountain lake and some good fishing! Watch scenes with Malcolm and Reese from season 6 or 7. Who cares if Justin is gay or not.

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Having had much time spent on the entertainment industry Justin Berfield has never been seen with a girlfriend or boyfriend. This really could be a great show!! You really need to read that webpage above and see how Justin is used to living. That's what's wrong in the world!! However, the sensation actor has not officially admitted being gay. It's a breeder - move on. Not only that, he also possesses a fit slender body, short hair, smiley face and has an amazing physique.

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