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Withholding information for Patty meant she had to think of what she was trying to hide marital problems and deliver a convincing performance of the opposite marital normality. Integrating their past and present self seemed to move them further towards psychological growth. Towards a new psychology of trauma. And there was no turning back. New York: Why married people are happier, healthier, and better off financially New York:

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The study focuses on the accounts of nine participants whose contextual information is presented in Table 1.

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Atwood JD, Seifer M. Thank you again. For the wife, these would include distress at the rupture in the emotional bond with her husband [ 8 ] and feelings of betrayal [ 9 ]. Stay friends if you can.

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The extramarital affair was going against her religious beliefs and the marital identity to which she had originally committed, and contradictory ambivalence was aired in simultaneously experienced opposing thoughts rebellion and obedience, vice and virtue.

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