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I actually took it as a compliment. If people like Larry Johnson, who are uncomfortable, get labeled as homophobes And while it doesn't make me uncomfortable, I think it's absurd to say someone like Larry Johnson's discomfort is illogical. He is a christian he shouldnt beleive in homosexuality nothing wrong with beliveing either way but stop getting mad when we dont support it. I hope I never have to work with people that support this increasingly intolerant world. I find I can live with the discomfort of people who can't wrap their minds around the idea that the world does not revolve around them.

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Essentially, what you're arguing is that because something that has never before happened in the entire history of professional sports might possibly maybe potentially happen if someone were to absolutely lose their mind and ignore every standard of decency and common behavior that we learn from a very young age, that we should force people to live a lie.

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Hide Caption. Search form Search. And, no I haven't shagged Steve; I've seen him in the locker rooms au naturel.

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One of the reasons we have separate bathrooms for women and men is because men have a long history of violent behavior toward women, particularly when they feel women are vulnerable.

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