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We use sex because our needs are fundamentally relational, and sex is a relational experience. Resuming the Journey Homosexuality: This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. Further information: The system means that they can get their eggs fertilised by the fittest male of the groupand pass his desirable traits on to her offspring, even if he is already paired with another female. See here:

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While cultural eg ancient Greeks and "Western acceptance" and learned behavior eg from abuse experiences as a child have also been postulated, what are the statistics that indicate these influences are valid?

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In all fairness, I do not know of any empirical evidence for this group selection hypothesis. Utzeri, C. This daily prayer will not only keep alive in us the reality of the link, but where we cannot break the link in our own power, it may release God to provide the solvent that will start to dissolve it. Then as the intensity of the needs diminishes, He will place you where other Christian men and women can start to meet them.

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Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity

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