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Learn all you need to know about phalloplasty procedure techniques, risks, and recovery timelines. A person's sex male or female is an immutable biological reality. Click here to download the entire article as a PDF. The position of transgender activists is that people should be recognized as belonging to whatever gender they choose, regardless of the physical condition of their bodies. Generally, a doctor will ask you to provide letters of preparedness from two different mental health professionals. More science. It simultaneously feels like a major issue and like it should also be a nonissue.

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Those who adopt this approach sometimes refer to themselves as "genderqueer.

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Bradley and Kenneth J. If your transition will eventually include a vaginoplasty, the scrotal tissue may be used to create the vaginal lining. Be open with them about future surgeries you may plan to have. They hope that the broader theme of aging can resonate with people beyond the transgender community.

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Dugan, the most difficult recurring themes addressed how much people struggled or missed out on because they were unable to be their authentic selves until later in life.

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