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What is Your Actual Birthstone? Researchers of the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm used MRI to compare 24 gynephilic male-to-female transsexuals with 24 cisgender male and 24 cisgender female controls. The data and background surveys that inform this test are derived from high-quality polling of thousands of U. It even gives tips on how to cheat on psychology tests for sex reassignment surgerysomething no sane person, transgender or otherwise, would ever recommend or seriously consider. An additional feature was studied in a group of FtM transsexuals who had not yet received cross-sex hormones:

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Nor is one type of transsexualism somehow more valid or higher in status than the other.

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I tend to agree. This self definition must be real, however, because the journey between the sexes is one way only. The site is also highly cisphobicwith many unfounded claims which paint transgender people as special, and generally better than non-trans people.

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Transsexualism — Intro.

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