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I was on my pogo stick, weaving my way through the orchestra, smiling as I bounced. Everything feels connected to their kiss. The first sentence of the truth is always the hardest. To break the record, they have to kiss for 32 hours straight, no bathroom breaks which was the part that seemed particularly cruel to me. With strong messages that can apply to much more than being gay, and more about the philosophy of freedom, equality and hatred with an application to homosexuality, Levithan has made a piece of art that can be admired for years.

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Then there's Tariq, a black gay teenager, who loves to dance.

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The plot was unique as all get out, and the characters were vivid, complex, real, and so likeable. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Second, oh god do I hate the title, which sounds like it might be boy porn it absolutely is not porn! And some of our parents, when they found out we were sick, stopped being dragons and became dragonslayers instead.

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Too hard to encapsulate the whole emotional journey and shebang in a line or two at the end.

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