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And a welcome from me too, tl. And I wonder why Try and Love Again wasn't included when the far inferior and highly irritating Heartache Tonight was? But that tone seemed particularly appropriate with your album coming out after that. So going forward, this could be it, after these two shows, or it could go on? I can't remember the book, but a woman pro, I think had an account of sleeping with Frey. Henley and Frey are like Simmons and Stanley of KISS, in that they treat the Eagles like a corporation they own and run and "hire" the other guys to play with them.

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I mean, personally, my entire career is a godsend.

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Timothy B. Schmidt on First Eagles Show Without Glenn Frey: Son Deacon ‘Up to the Task’

Glenn has a massive head and a small body. It seems like enough time has passed that we can try this out as an experiment, I suppose, and see how it works. Yes, even in NYC. The completely scripted and non spontaneous concerts. Not sure if they even get a merchandise cut. Just become a session musician and write theme songs for cheesy 's detective shows and do a soda commercial or something. If not, you're just unhinged.

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Wow, R39,the more you post, the more ridiculous you sound. It's an experience that will leave you forever changed. Their music sounded like it was very manufactured so-called "country rock. I think if you are still selling out arenas after 40 years, you really can't say the music hasn't held up, the numbers speak for themselves. I mean, jeezus, Glenn.

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