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I'm looking to relocate to a new server since the oceanic servers are filled with horrible people. Cases such as these make it clear that "virtual" worlds are only virtual in a limited sense; real-world issues can and do impinge on the fantasy landscapes of games such as WoW. Originally Posted by Naadir. Start a Wiki. Cancel Save. From what I understand, you could probably find such a community on the Proudmoore server, they seem to be the most LGBT server in the game.

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People are going to look at your post and see discrimination painted all over it, and a Blue will likely come in within pages and either lock or completely delete the thread due to either the thread's topic or derailing of the conversation into arguments.

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If your group sucks it doesn't matter if you call yourself dark angels, elitist jerks or Gay parade. As such issues tend to do, this one got legal pretty quickly. Last edited by Thwart; at Nathe-proudmoore Nathe

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People wasting so much time on real life and politics to care enough that they bring it ingame are just bad players normally.

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